Baby Boys Dress Up Too

When I found out that I was having a baby girl 6 years ago, one of the things I looked forward to was playing dress up. 🥰

Bring on the cute dresses, flower bands and cutie patootie shoes.

 Yeah, that Zebra Print 🥰 Yeah, that Zebra Print 🥰

It was a piece of cake shopping for my princess. No matter where I went, I would score beautiful and fashionable pieces for my little diva.

A few of my favorites retailers were Zulily, Target, Burlington Coat Factory, Century 21 and Walmart. Whatever the occasion, my baby had something cute to wear.

 I know it’s blurry but I love how happy she is here 😘 I know it’s blurry but I love how happy she is here 😘

Fast forward to 2018, I now have a little prince and I am over the moon. I grew up around men who took pride in how they looked and my husband is no different. After 12 years of being with him, I’ve learned a few things about Gentlemen’s fashion. 😉

Since we started taking our son to church and special events, I decided it was time to start building his wardrobe. When I started to hit some of my favorite stores, I could not believe what I was seeing.

The girls section is filled with racks packed with cute dresses. Yet, when you got to the boys section it was filled with racks of t-shirts, cargo pants, jeans and if I was lucky I’d find a button down shirt in there and a FEW chinos would be hiding somewhere in the mix.

Where did all of the dress clothes go?

For some reason there seems to be this notion that baby boys don’t dress up. My husband and I have been dressing up our son from the very first time he stepped out of the house and we do not intend to stop.

I’ve found myself searching all over the internet for basic staple pieces which most of the time were only available abroad. Thank God for Amazon!

That tweed vest is courtesy of a store in London. (Thanks, Grandma!)

Dear Retailers,

Can you please bring back the blazers, vests, button downs, chinos, dress pants and accessories for our baby boys? Pretty please?

Yes, I know they are small and will grow out of the clothes really fast, but so will baby girls and y’all don’t seem to mind that.

I don’t know who came to the conclusion that there isn’t a market for dressing up baby boys, but whoever you are – YOU’RE WRONG!

The money is there to be spent, but we need the product.

 Blazer? Amazon find! Blazer? Amazon find!

Yes, this mom who will buy that button down shirt and those herringbone slacks. I want my son to take pride in how he looks as a young black prince and that means WE NEED OPTIONS. It doesn’t start when he is 2, it starts from the time he comes out of the womb.

Someone got that memo for baby girls, now can we do the same for the boys?

I don’t know who may come across this article, but I’m putting this out there.

Please stop short changing our baby boys! They may be little (for now), but they matter.

How about you, mommies? Have you been having a hard time finding dress up clothes for your baby boys? Do you have any tips? SHARE AND COMMENT BELOW!

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