OMG! My routine is broken.

So in my last post, I mentioned that I spent hours spring cleaning in the dead of winter. To my defense, the weather outside tricked me into thinking spring came early. What I didn’t mention is that if my husband didn’t actually threaten me, I would have cleaned, rearranged and reorganized the whole house in one day.  At one point, he had to remind me that Rome was not built in a day. What really caught my attention later that day was when my mom told me to only do what I can and take it one day at a time.

Why did this surprise me? Well, my mom is the one who use to wake up at the crack of dawn to vacuum the house, cook dinner, change the curtains for the 10th time, rearrange the furniture and do laundry without breaking a sweat. Now she is telling me to – slow down??? Yep! It’s official. I have become worse than my mother.

I’ve been trying to juggle too much at a time and it is taking a heavy toll on my health. I am always tired and can never feel like I have had a full night’s rest. Last night as I was chatting with the hubster, I realized that the whole weekend flew by and here I am already prepping for another work week. My Saturday was spent running errands and completing chores.

It started with loads of laundry because I have no other time during the week to get it done – How can 3 people pile up so all this laundry? 😳

The next stop was a supermarket run. Our pantry and snack stash was looking really sad and I knew it was bad when my munchkin would hit the snack draw and come up empty 🙈. So we spent $180 at Western Beef and were able to save a whopping $1.67 😩👀😳 – Really? I know we were behind in inventory but I still feel like I didn’t save as much as I usually do. I think I’ll stick to KeyFood and Fairway.

I realize that I have fallen off my routine. Since Hubby and I both work in the city until 6 p.m. We don’t make it home in time to apply my previous routine which was –  homework and bath by 7 p.m., bed by 8 p.m. I literally walk through the door every night at 7:30 or 8 p.m. Unfortunately, my husband makes it home with our munchkin not too long before that. That means homework is being done at 7:30, dinner at 8 or 8:30, bedtime at 9:30 p.m. or 10 p.m. What does this mean for me? NO REST!

It’s not the greatest schedule, but it’s the hand we’ve been dealt. We now have to create a new routine that will work for us and not leave me feeling like a zombie every day.

I asked a few of the mom’s in our Private Mommy Facebook Group what routines do they follow to keep themselves sane and got some pretty cool answers.

A mom from Queens, NY shared: 

JESUS, because if I don’t call upon His name, Lord knows I’ll lose my mind. My house is only in order when the kids are asleep

A mom from Orlando, FL shared: 

Strict 7:30 pm bath then bedtime unless we are out or it’s a special occasion. It gives me plenty of time to rest, and spend time with my husband.

A mom from Brooklyn, NY shared:

Kids help with my routine schedule. It’s on display. Clean up before dinner. 7:00 reading, 7:30 bedtime.

Having a routine helps to keep things together and also allows us to purposely carve out some mommy time for ourselves. If we don’t have time set aside to just breathe or do the things we love, we may soon find ourselves overwhelmed and snappy for the littlest things.

Today, I’ve set apart some time to create a new routine for my family. We need to get back to some sense of normalcy and order with a side of fun of course. My hope is that this new routine will allow for much-needed rest for myself, hubster and even the munchkin.

Do you have a routine that allows you to remain sane? How’s it working? What tips can you share to help moms like me to get it together?

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