Spring Cleaning – Crates, Bins & Storage

This past weekend, I got bit by the organization bug and went in on getting my house together. I started with my daughter’s room which looked like a hurricane came through her little space. Toys, clothes and well almost everything was everywhere. I knew I wanted to get her space up to par but I didn’t want to spend a fortune doing so. I went to Target and bee-lined to the storage and organization section and went to town. I bought bins, milk crates and more.

Recently, one of my fellow moms recently launched her home organization consulting firm – Janelle Williams Consulting – and she has inspired me to get my stuff together. If you have some time, I would definitely check out her website and Instagram page for some useful tips. Her recent work at a client’s home finally got me off my butt and led me to finally tackle my hot mess of a linen closet – emphasis on HOTย mess. I have a very deep linen closet that can store tons of stuff. Unfortunately for some time, it looked like this:


I took everything out. Threw away everything that I haven’t used in ages and 4 hours, 4 garbage bags later:

Believe it or not, plastic storage bins are perfect for organizing toys, storing towels and so much more {I didn’t like the standard white lids so I chose some colorful ones instead}. I know a lot of people aren’t major fans, but if you manage how much you store in them, they can be very sturdy and useful.

Plastic Milk Crates are another great solution for storing everyday items. I bought three and used them to store my husbands grooming supplies, my hair supplies and more. They are perfect.

I feel soo accomplished. I still have loads to do around the house but it’s a start. Organizing your home really helps. Knowing where things are without having to ransack the house is a plus. It also helps you to take inventory of what you have which helps you not to spend your dollars on things that are hidden in the back of your linen closet – like 7 packs of toothpaste, cleaning supplies, etc. I am on a roll right now and I’m taking advantage of my drive until I get my little space in order.

I have long been a fan of creative storage ideas. It’s why from the very onset, I purchased a cubed storage units for both my daughter’s room and my living room. They’re not just decorative but allow for much-needed storage space – especially as a mom. Having space to put things away QUICKLY made it to the top of my priority list and it helps that today’s storage solutions are stylish too.

Big Lots

My aim is to create a cozy, organized and beautiful haven where my family can kick off their shoes and be proud to call home.

What are some of your go-to organizing tips or resources?

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