Sugar, Spice and Dress Up Nice – Top 7 Stores for Girls

One of the perks of having a daughter besides the personalities and playing pretend (okay, not always a perk!), is dressing them up. From birth I have made it my mission to dress my little princess in the cutest, fashionable and Unique outfits – emphasis on Unique.

Through the years, I have been able to pinpoint a shortlist of shops that have met my requirements for super cute outfits. Today, I’ve decided to share my arsenal of Top – just too cute for words – shops.

1. Zulily – I just love me some Zulily. I have been shopping from this site for my daughter even while she was still in my belly. Their selection of clothes are unique and they offer such a variety that you can’t help but feel like you want to buy everything. Every day at 9am EST they have a new set of sales listed and it just keeps getting better.

2. Burlington – Burlington is always one of my go to spots for cute church dresses – especially for major holidays. They always have a nice super girly and fancy selection at really affordable prices.

3. Century 21 – If you live in NYC, then you know the Century 21 by the World Trade Center is a must for adorable outfits whether casual or formal. They carry a variety of brands and like Burlington, they too are affordable.

4. Target – Target has a really nice selection especially in their girls section. Just recently I started to shop in this section being that my munchkin is a bit too tall for the toddler section. So far, I love the choices available.

5. Amazon – yes, Amazon! Don’t sleep on this retailer. I’ve been able to snag some really cute outfits for last minute events using my prime membership. There is nothing like that one-day or two-day shipping.

6. Walmart – ofcourse Walmart made the list. I make it my business to stop by Walmart every time I visit Ohio and without fail I always snag something cute for my girl. Whether online or in-store, the selections are great and the sales are unbelievable. Last Cheist as, I scored dresses for as little as $3!

7. Children’s Place – Children’s place is OFCOURSE a must (although, it appears they’ve become a bit pricier through the years) Their selections are just so cute that you can’t help yourself.  When they have those seasonal sales, you can practically get away with highway robbery. This past Christmas I scored big time for all the girlies on my list.

What’s in your arsenal? Do you have some fave stores for your princess?

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