4 Winter Medicine Cabinet Must-Haves For Mommies

Happy Hump Day Y’all! Yesterday the world celebrated Valentine’s Day. While most were feasting on chocolate and swooning over their beautiful flower arrangements, I called out of work to stay home and nurse my munchkin. She took the flu shot last week and for the past three days she has been battling a fever. It must be the mommy in me but I just can’t stand to see her sick. She’s just not her happy go lucky self. Although she can be a non-stop energizer bunny 24×7, I prefer to have her running around than to have her curled up in bed.

Fevers are extremely annoying for adults. Can you imagine how it affects children? So when she is down for the count, I have found a few meds that have proven to be lifesavers.

1. Zarbee’s Naturals Children’s Cough Syrup


The honey just works to ease her coughs and she absolutely loves the taste. I came across this  option when she got her first real cold and she was too young to take any of the children’s medicine available at the pharmacy. It has since become one of her faves.

2. Sambucol for Kids


This one is a gem that every parent should have in their medicine cabinet. On a recent trip to Florida I came down with a nasty 😷 dry cough and my cousin-in-law, who happens to be a nurse, told me about Sambucol. Apparently, this concoction is made out of Elderberry which is nature’s own antibiotic. So, when I found out that there was a children’s version – I stocked up.

3. Bay Rum


This one is a bit new to me but one my husband deeply believes in and it seems to work. When mixed with petroleum jelly it is a great rub for battling fevers. It apparently keeps the body cool.

4. Vicks Vapor Rub


This is a go to remedy for me when she has a cough and has a hard time falling asleep. I rub her chest and her back and she is off to la-la land. (My husband sometimes puts a little on the soles of her feet and right under her nose.)

These are just a few of my must-haves during this winter flu season. What are some of your go-to remedies/over-the-counter meds?

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