Snow Day – Home Sweet Home

Well, it’s a snowy day here in Brooklyn, New York and we are loving it. My munchkin is home from school and daddy is off from work. Sadly, I am equipped to work remotely so I don’t really get a snow day. However, I love being home with my family and we did get a chance to have some fun in the snow during my lunch hour. We attempted to build a snowman but the snow is way too fluffy for that so we’ll wait a bit.

One thing for sure is that this snow day allows some families across the city to spend some much needed time together. One of the things we lack in this century is an appreciation for families. We more so honor those who are always on the go and workaholics than those who value their families and try their best to spend quality time making memories.

My parents tried their best to make as many memories with me as they could. Life didn’t always allow them to spend as much time as they’d like. However, I have fond memories of sitting around the dinner table on Friday nights sharing a meal, talking about the week and then moving on to the living room to watch a late night movie. I looked forward to those nights. Mom cooked her best dishes on Fridays and I enjoyed every last bit {down to the bone}

Their example is why I always promised myself that when I had my own munchkins, I would ensure that they knew that I valued my time with them. If that means getting all bundled up and going into the freezing cold just to throw some snow around, then so be it. At the end of the day, it’s the memories we create that will have a lasting impression.

So, if you’re reading this and you have yet to take your child into the snow for some fun, get off your tush and go out and play. I guarantee you’ll feel so much better. Perk is – they crash when they get back in – sooooo, you’ll still have your quiet time.

Happy Snow Day!

xoxo, Sha



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