The Gift Of Hope

Last Thursday, while the world sat around lavish tables filled with food and surrounded by loved ones, one of my gal pals woke up to a very different view. I’ve known Ritha for quite some time now and she has been one of those young ladies who makes you go – wow. She is passionate and commits to anything she puts her mind to. Her determination will surely see her through anything this life may throw her way. She’s overcome challenges that would have broken many. It is no surprise that today this young lawyer has a passion for helping other conquer their challenges.


On October 4th, 2016 the world watched as Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti and left nothing but devastation, death and thousand’s without a home. The pictures of devastation moved many Haitian natives and descendants to do whatever they can to help – including me. I began to research organizations that were already committed to helping the island and came across a few options.

…Little did I know there was one right in my own backyard.

Soon after I started to see Facebook posts asking for donations to a fund started by my own Ritha. Not too long after, Ritha and a few friends boarded a plane headed for Haiti. It was then that I found out that she is a part of the Haiti Baraderes Recovery Inc organization. She began to post pics and videos that immediately pulled at my heartstrings.

As I sat over my favorite helping of a homemade Brownie Sundae, my people in Baraderes are wishing to have a roof over their heads. While I get to pick from a slew of places to eat, a grandmother in Baraderes is trusting God to provide her with her next meal.

While I major in minors, someone else is living with major obstacles.

Christmas is quickly approaching and if you’re like me, you probably have your shopping lists ready to go. This season, I invite you consider adding something else to that list – the gift of Hope. Ritha’s organization is attempting to raise $10,000 to ship enough food, building supplies and gifts to the community of Baraderes by January 1st. We can help!

If you are ready to help spread that hope, please visit today!



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