Someone is up there

Hubby and I recently went to a ministers’ meeting and our way back I captured some of these beautiful nature shots. There is something about the open road that always gets to me. Fresh Air, Rolling Hills and Clear Skies just reminds me of how awesome God is.

I just don’t seem to get how someone can be convicted that there is no God. Really? Look around you. Every breath that you take is a confirmation that there is a God. Without Him we wouldn’t have the privilege of living in this canvas that He created just for us. The world around you is His canvas, it is His love song to His creations -us. I for one can spend hours admiring the scenes of nature and never get bored. It is my peaceful place. It is where I find my Zen.

Before I knew it, the sky opened up and a downpour just made it near impossible to drive. However, the beauty of it solidifies that someone is up there orchestrating it all.

So when I am tempted to believe no one is up there, I remember these little moments and I soon find that I am able to smile.


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