God Understands and Still Hears

So this week has been a little trying for me and I had a breakdown. Life sometimes throws you for a loop and it can become overwhelming. However, somewhere between being overwhelmed and giving up, God shows up and reminds you that he understands and still hears our prayers.

Being a a local minister sometimes gives others the perception that we got it all together and never experience down days. The fact of the matter is we all have our ups and downs. We all have our moments of weakness. It is a part of life and it’s normal. Walking by faith is not a piece of cake. It requires patience, and perseverance.

Even Christ found himself struggling in the garden of Gethsemane. However, at some point while you feel like the weight of the world is on your back, you’ll come to realize that God is right there with you. Whether it is a soft whisper or a in your face answer, God will show his presence in the midst of the storm.

The one thing I hold on to through it all is that God has never ever failed me. Neither has he ever allowed me to stumble. Knowing this, I find my hope in what he has already done in my life. People said I would never experience the joys of life. But when I look at my life with my loving husband and bubbly munchkin, I realize that I am truly blessed.

my clown of a husband
MINI ME- my munchkin – my joy

I dont know what the future holds. I am just taking each day at a time, but I do know that whatever it is – the enemy really doesn’t want it to come to pass. I will persevere. I will keep the hope. I will fight that fight. What is coming for me just has to be much greater that what I am experiencing at this moment. I believe in the Man with the Master plan.

Coming out of your comfort zone is no joke. It is so very scary. Yet, I am holding on to that promise – All things will work out for the good of those who love the Lord.

Even though I can’t physically see it or feel it, I know God got my back. You may be in a place of confusion right now. A not too happy place. A not to great place, but you’ve got to hold on to the fact that if he would die for you, then there is nothing he cannot do and would not do for you. He’s brought you this far and he will finish his perfect work in you and for you.

That is my hope and it is what was on my heart to share with you today. This Sunday, take a little time to meditate on the goodness of God so far. If he’s been this good – then trust him to see you through it.

Have a blessed Sunday ya’ll!

always learning,


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