Designing with Rose Quartz

So if you haven’t already noticed, the color of the year is Rose Quartz. Each year Pantone a major player in the fashion/design realm releases a color of the year and designers scramble to add a touch of the color to their creations. I haven’t yet played around with the color. However, I am contemplating on ways to incorporate it in my already colorful home.

I’ve been combing the Internet for some inspiration and came across some really creative designs. Below are a few of my top designs.

Melissa Koch Interiors
Melissa Koch Interiors

Melissa Koch is definitely a designer to watch. Her taste is right up my alley. Would you believe that this fab space is just her breakfast area? I would love to see the rest of the space just to see whatever other ideas she came up with. From the GIANT Donut Prints to that hot to trot black and white couch, I am totally in lust.


Pompeli’s use of Rose Quartz on this door is brilliant. It’s a simple but effective way to add color to your space. I’m a big fan of color on doors especially entry doors. Can we say curb appeal? Mine will definitely be purple or blue. We’ll see how I feel when that time comes around.

Style Me Pretty

Style Me Pretty used simple touches like curtains, books and flowers to bring in the color.

Rebecca Taylor / Home Polish

Something as simple as pillows will do. How fab is Rebecca Taylor’s home office makeover by Home Polish?

Adding color doesn’t have to be a scary task. Keep it simple and you’ll be brightening up your space in no time.

Thinking of joining the Rose Quartz bandwagon? Just jump right on in and have a blast. There are tons of ways to incorporate it. Just be creative!


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