A Space That Inspires – Happy 4th

Happy 4th!

It’s Independence Day and while millions are sweating over grills, I am comfortably sitting in my AC combing for great summer decor ideas. I love changing things up with the season. Don’t blame me, my mama did it and I am just following in her footsteps …lol!

I saw this fantastic acrylic console table at HomeGoods on Thursday and a million and one ideas came to mind. My first thought was a DESK!

I’ve been dreaming of having my own work station with acrylic desk and color office chair sitting on a white plush rug.

My goal has always been to build a bright space that just inspires you the minute you walk in. In my last post I mentioned that our home is due for an upgrade and we’re starting with paint.

Once we’ve completed that task my next focus will be creating my own little corner of inspiration. Check out this awesome space that McKenna Bleu gets to work in. JEALOUS? I know I am.

McKenna Bleu
McKenna Bleu

McKenna’s choice of pastel colors is on point. Those colors just make me happy and I’m sure she feels the same every time she walks in. The chair hands down is my fave. I absolutely loce the funky colors and I can see this becoming a DIY project. Guess I need to go thrifting for a chair soon. Until I find the right subject for my experiment, I’ll just keep gawking at McKenna’s space.

How about you? Do you have a space that inspires? Share your spaces with us!


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