Need An Upgrade!

So it’s officially been 5 years since Hubby and I have been living in our modest 1,126 sq. ft. apartment. Honestly, we are blessed. We have a 3 bedroom apartment in Brooklyn, New York for under $2400. That in itself is a miracle. Although I love our space, I think it’s time for a cosmetic upgrade.

When we first moved into the apartment we decided to go with bold colors that reflected our Caribbean heritage. How bold?


My Living Room is Spice Orange.

My Dining Room is Red & White.

My Bedroom is Royal Blue, Sky Blue and White.

Get the point?

All of the rooms are unique and pretty cool, but they are ready for an overhaul starting with some much needed paint.

I combed the Internet for some inspiration and noticed that Behr shared an interesting table of color trends for 2016.

I’m not really sure what colors will end up in my home, but one thing is certain – I need to brighten up the rooms with lighter and more tranquil colors. I think now that I am home more often, I notice how dark some of the colors are and it has a negative affect on my mood.

Is it me or does anyone else feel dreary in a dark room? Not that I have anything against dark colors, but they just don’t seem to suit my personality and negatively impact my productivity – that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I’ve been researching ideas for my apartment upgrade and so far I’ve come across some pretty good contenders.

Bassett Furniture Living Room Idea
Bassett Furniture
Every Day Girl
House of Turquoise

What do you think? What colors should I use on our upgrade?

Happy 4th!


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