I survived day care – Mommy Life

Good Morning Foodies and Moms!



Well, I am happy to report that 

I survived

 munchkin adjusted very well to her first day of day care. She even made a new best gal pal –

Naomi. Aww, my baby has a new bestie.

As expected, her teacher told me she kept on eating throughout the entire day. Not surprised! My baby girl can pack away like any adult. That’s why I am adamant that she gets home cooked food and learns to eat healthy.

On a lighter note, I went to BJ’s this week and spent…



. Granted, I did purchase a few things for some close relatives, but I almost passed out. Nevertheless, it was all worth it and needed. Now that


is in day care, I had to pile up on the healthy snacks. Of course not everything was for lil missy. We also had some important things on the list like,


By the way, did I mention my hubster is addicted to ketchup and puts it on EVERYTHING?

Now on to food, I didn’t get to cook much for the past three days due to a mandatory 3-day training at my day job. So as you can imagine, I am going through withdrawal. I miss cooking so much that I managed to squeeze in making some scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast yesterday.

Although we literally had to eat it while 


 walking back and forth

. Thank goodness training is over. Stove, here I come

. I’m thinking Jambalaya!

Well, I’m off to taking care of my lil munchkin. No day care for her today since she puked up her entire little belly in the car this morning. FUN? 


At least she is getting better and of course she is eating again.




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