Friday Frills

It’s Friday and I can’t wait till the weekend.

1. Yup! That right there is my little munchkin. I can’t believe she is already 15-months old. She starts daycare on Tuesday and I am so nervous. I know I am a punk. Hey, I am a mom and I love my little miss diva so back off. lol!
2. Made Brussels Sprouts this week and they were awesome. I don’t know why people cringe at the mention of their name. My Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Candied Carrots were delicious. I definitely plan on having them more often.

3. I really wish some fellow train riders would exercise some patience when getting on the train.Pushing your way through like an animal won’t make things go faster. It will only irritate those of us who already hate feeling like packed rats every morning. When oh when will my husband agree to move to the country?

4. Anyone else getting a little impatient with all the mentions of debris in the Indian Ocean yet there is no confirmation that the debris is in fact the missing flight? Can we please find and identify what these pieces are and bring closure to the grieving families?

from a concerned citizen of humanity.

5. I cooked Butter Beans this week and they turned out great. I paired them with some chicken and yummy gravy. I can’t wait to share it with you. The recipe goes up on Monday. So, stay tuned.

6. I almost got ticketed for jay walking on Wednesday. Thank goodness I saw the traffic cop in my periphery and walked down to the crosswalk. I don’t know how they plan on cutting down on jay walking in NYC. Everyone does it. I kinda sound like a kid caving in to peer pressure, right? Well, it’s true. Everyone is doing it. lol. I mean it is New York City.

7. LIFE TIDBIT OF THE WEEK: Never allow family or friends to force you to do anything that your heart is not truly in. You have one life to live and God to account to. Make sure everything you account for, you had a choice in.

Off to the weekend!
xoxo, Rachel


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