Oh Mondays – Park Memories

This weekend I packed a picnic basket and took the hubster and munchkin to the park. We’ve been stuck in the house for many weekends due to the frigid weather. So, when Saturday’s forecast promised to get to a whopping 62 degrees, hubster and I decided to take advantage. When we got there, she had no clue what to do, but as soon as I started to run around like a big kid, she got the hang of it and took off.

Look at that mischievous face. Yup, that’s my little munchkin.
She thought she was actually chasing me. lol!
I am a big advocate for family time. These are the simple memories that matter in life. They are the moments that make life worth living and will take our breath away when we grow old and gray. Her smile when she discovers new adventures is just PRICELESS! So yes, though I wanted to kick up my feet and just relax, I decided to take her to the park and put a smile on that face.
When we were done running around and all out of breath, lol – we hopped in the car and had our little picnic {it was too windy out to eat}. Then, we headed to the local pier and just looked out into the water. I just love quiet moments where I can just be one with nature. Lucky for me, my hubster does too. We are perfectly fine taking a walk in the park or just relaxing at the local botanical garden. Dorky? Maybe! But that is what works for us. All in all, we truly had a relaxing weekend. {side effect: after all of that running around, the little munchkin was so tired that she knocked out instantly...Yay for mommy and daddy!}
On another note, I must admit that I took a bit of a break from the kitchen this weekend. Sometimes it’s okay to put all things aside and just create these precious moments. Notice I said create. These things don’t just happen. We have to make an effort to create these memories. Being a full-time mom, full-time project manager, church communications director and a part-time food & lifestyle blogger is no easy task. With all that and more, nothing supersedes time with my family.
Hope you and yours had a great weekend. Here’s to a great week of cooking!



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