tuesday treats.

Hey Foodies. It’s Tuesday and I have a few new treats to share.

Gold Emblem Sparkling Water | thecreolewoman.com
This is my new craze and yes, that is bumble bee in the background. I am a big fan of the Transformers. Don’t judge me!

1. I am totally in love with the CVS Gold Emblem Sparkling Water line. If you read my Rotelle Pasta, Sugar Snap Peas and Tomatoes post, you’d know that I am not a big fan of water. However, that has changed ever since my awesome prayer partner told me to look into the sparkling water line at CVS. I took the leap and bought a few and I can honestly say that I am totally in love. My favorite flavors so far are: Strawberry and the Pomegranate Blueberry. If this is what will get me to drink water, I am now a believer.

2. Next, I got my new camera. I am now a proud owner of the Nikon D3200 and I love the upgrade from my old Fujifilm HS30EXR point and shoot. It is such a great camera and I instantly can see the difference. Can you say totally clear and super-fast shutter speed?

3. I tried the Parmesan bread bites from Dominos pizza and was quite pleasantly surprised. My husband and I are avid fans of Pizza Hut so we almost never order from Dominos which is just walking distance from our home. I also tried the boneless chicken bites. Totally yum! My 15-month old absolutely loved them.


4. My husband surprised me with a copy of Frozen the new Disney movie and I squealed. Yes, literally! I am in love with Idina Menzel’s song and almost shed a tear. OKAY, OKAY SO I DID SHED A TEAR! Let it go, let it go! Can’t hold it back any more. Let it go, let it go! Turn away and slam the door. I don’t care what they’re going to say. Let the storm rage on. The cold never bothered me anyway. {singing as I twirl in my head}

5. Had some yummy Scallion Pancakes from Chopstix in Brooklyn, NY this weekend. They are one of my fave appetizers when I go there. I don’t know how they do it, but I am determined to figure it out eventually. Oh and did I mention that Chef George Wong is AMAZINGLY the humblest chef I have ever met? My brother-in-law – the chef – is lucky to have him as a mentor.

Well that’s all for now. Hope you’re having a great week so far. If not, guess what? Tomorrow’s hump day! So cheer up.

What are some of your faves this week? Do share!


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