Saturday Meanderings – Scrambled Eggs and Bacon

Saturday Meanderings | Eggs and Bacon |
Happy Saturday Foodies! I am so happy this week is over. I mean it has been a whirlwind of a week and I just couldn’t wait for the weekend to come. Now that it is here, I can finally relax, put my feet up and sip on my cup of Vanilla Chai. Total Addiction! I woke up this morning craving some bacon and eggs. So what did I do? I cooked some bacon and eggs..duh! lol.

Nothing like some nice bacon sizzling on the stove. The whole house was filled with the aroma of that yummy goodness. Though I usually settle for the perfectly cut turkey bacon from the supermarket, I decided to go with naturally smoked bacon from our local butcher. I can honestly say that it didn’t disappoint. Sidebar: I definitely saved that bacon grease for tonight’s dinner.
Growing up, eggs were a staple breakfast item in my home. My mom would scramble them while my dad remained loyal to the good old fashioned hard boiled egg. Because of this, the egg is a must-have grocery item in my home. It offers so many options that go well beyond breakfast.
Okay, I am done rambling. I am going to satisfy this craving. After that, I see myself taking it easy as I try to figure out what I’ll be whipping up for tonight’s dinner. Hope you are a having a great Saturday!
What are you and your family doing today? What’s for dinner? Do share!

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